International Law

The current reality underlines the unstoppable internationalization of legal relations in many areas: contracts, corporate, family, inheritance, real estate, copyright and industrial property, civil liability, immigration, etc., a constantly changing panorama that offers significant challenges.

The extent of the existing legislation, the plurality of related rights and a complex jurisprudence require legal practitioners to assimilate a detailed knowledge of the peculiarities of such situations in order to provide a personalized and highly specialized response.
With this objective, the DE LORENZO-GARIN-GOSALBES, ABOGADOS law firm is to strengthen its structure through a collaboration with Mr. JOSE LUIS IGLESIAS BUHIGUES, a renowned university professor of Private International Law and International Trade and former Senior Legal Advisor with the Legal Service of the European Union Commission, as well as various lawyers and professionals from the university area who are endowed with vast experience, training and recognition in this sector.
We undertake all our activities with a dedicated commitment to the provision of an excellent range of services both to our domestic and to our international clients, backed by the confidence generated by an organization that is fully capable of providing comprehensive assistance of proven efficiency. In this manner, the DE LORENZO-GARIN-GOSALBES, ABOGADOS law firm has been able to consolidate its position in the field of international and national consulting. We invite you to get know our team and to put the scope and verify the range and quality of our services.